Return to Jordan: Fieldwork 2016

The year flew by quickly and it is now time to start our 2016 excavations at Kharaneh IV. This year Lisa and myself arrived in Amman a week before excavations to attend the International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan (ICHAJ). The conference has been fascinating and we have enjoyed hearing about new projects and catching up with old friends. On Saturday we head out to Azraq to begin our excavations on May 31.

This year we are joined by students from UC Berkeley, University of Tulsa, and Jordanian archaeologists. We will return to work in Area B, excavating the second hut structure at Kharaneh IV. In 2015 we began to uncover the structure, and this year will be working on carefully excavating the structure to understand the organization of space within the hut.

We will continue to post updates on our excavation and adventures in Jordan on our blog.

Amman in the evening

By DanielleMacdonald

Archaeologist, academic, working in Jordan, teaching in Tulsa

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