Funding and Partners

Current Funding 

NSF Senior Archaeological Research Grant (award number 1727357), 2017-2020

Title: Spatial Utilization and Social Interaction in Non-Complex Societies  

Principal Investigators: Lisa Maher and Danielle Macdonald


National Endowment for the Humanities, Collaborative Research Grant (award number RZ-255635-17), 2017-2020

Title: Archaeological Investigation of Hunter-Gatherer Aggregation and Movement in Prehistoric Jordan 

Principal Investigator: Lisa Maher, co-investigator: Danielle Macdonald


Past Funding

Wenner-Gren Post Ph.D. Research Grant (website), 2014

Title: Hunter-Gatherer Homes: Exploring Hut Structures and Dwelling at an Epipalaeolithic Aggregation Site in Eastern Jordan

Principal Investigator: Lisa Maher


Council for British Research in the Levant (website)

Department of Antiquities, Jordan (website)

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